Roofing Portland Maine

If you are looking for roof repairs or having a new roof replaced in Portland Maine then we can help, we are located in South Portland, ME. Our roof installation crews can get your roof replaced use it within one or two days depending upon the size of the home.

Roofing Portland Maine

We have been helping homeowners keep all the rain for over 25 years, David Deschaine has been a local contractor and has completed thousands of jobs over his career.

Portland Maine Roof Replacements

We want to help you choose the best shingles that will look great on your home, and will go over all the requirements because in some towns you need to get permits especially in Old Orchard Beach.

How To Schedule An Estimate?

If you want to learn about What roofing products are best for your home in Portland Maine. All you have to do is fill out to Get A Price Form here on the website and you can schedule estimate right now.

 What About Ventilation?

We have designed this website for South Portland ME homeowners in the surrounding areas so you can learn more about roof replacements and how choosing the right products will help you increase the value you’re home.

 Insurance For The Workman

Let’s face it every home needs a great roof to keep it watertight, and you will need ventilation as part of your installation package. We always include a Ridge vent with our roofs because the heat always goes to the very peak, and once we cut that inch and a half on both sides of the Ridge board you can feel the heat escape out from the peak, and it does have an odor from all those years.

It’s incredible because it reminds me of opening the oven door with your head over the door you feel that heat blast, that’s exactly what it feels like when you open the ridge-line of the house it’s not well ventilated, your home needs to breath.


Regardless give us a call, or fill out the form and I’ll come over look at your property and do a detailed estimate or we can use our Virtual Roofing Estimate and we will get all the information we need online.

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