Roofing Presentation

Welcome To My Roofing Presentation Video

I created this video just to give you some information about how our roof installation procedure goes. We have some of the finest roofing installers in the local Area here in Maine, and with our connection with all roofing suppliers we can get any type of roof you want.

The Best Roofers For Your Home

Do it right, do it once and then never have to worry about your roof again. we will get in and do the job quickly, we will clean everything up so you don’t have any nails in your driveway or on your lawn.

Clean Job Sites – No Nails

Our standard roof installation procedure includes removal of the old shingles, installing ice and water shield along the eaves and overhangs and in valleys, and understand flashing.

Approved Roofing System

Then we install a synthetic underlayment over all the roof sheathing or decking boards. Then we install your choice of CertainTeed architectural roofing shingles, our primary brand is landmark which is a fifty-year lifetime shingle. Then we install the ridge vent which helps your home breeze, and also creates what is called a cold roof system.


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